Why We Chose Sorority Life

  • Ellie

    "I wanted to grow and become a better version of myself and joining a sorority allowed me to do that. I've gained relationships that will last a lifetime, memories that I used to dream of, confidence that I can use in my future endeavors and a love that I am able to spread to everyone I meet"

    Ellie B., Beta Lambda Class

  • Jazlyn

    "I joined sorority life because I felt like I was doing the bare minimum in my college experience and wanted more that would make me successful upon graduation. AST allowed me to build and expand my resume with giving me the most out of my college experience that I would've never thought possible on my own"

    Jazlyn H., Beta Nu Class

  • Jenna

    "I joined a sorority because I am a pretty shy person. I didn't know anyone at Frostburg and knew it would be hard for me to make new friends. I wanted a group of friends to hang out with, to get involved, keep me busy, and have a home away from home"

    Jenna R., Beta Upsilon Class