Alpha Sigma Tau

Gamma Zeta Chapter at Frostburg State University

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Parents Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join a sorority? A girl is allowed to join a sorority when she has at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and has at least 12 credit hours.

How will I know which group is right for me? Each sorority has its own creed and values that we live by.  After going around to each organization, women are able to see which organization is the best fit and home to join.

Can I join a sorority if I'm going to be on a sports team? Yes! We have some sisters that are on sports teams also.  Sports practices and games are always a priority and many of our sisters love to go to the games in support.

What is the new member process like? Each organization is different.  With Alpha Sigma Tau, there is a six week new member process.  Throughout these six weeks, new members will learn everything about the sorority.  Things like, the Creed, Songs, founding sisters, and the history of Alpha Sigma Tau.

How does housing work? At Frostburg State University we do not have sorority houses.  Many of our sisters become great friends and end up moving into smaller houses together.